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Marine Surveys since 1976

Marine Surveyors - Vessel Surveys - Coast Guard Facilitation

Harden Marine has been a trusted name in marine surveying for over 40 years.
Based in Tampa, Florida, Harden Marine offers its services on a global level. Harden Marine's owner is an AMS® surveyor with the Society of Marine Accredited Marine Surveyors® since 1999.

Cargo Survey

We provide services to monitor and assess the condition of cargo possibly damaged in-transit or during off-loading operations.

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Coast Guard Facilitation

We provide consulting services to vessel operators preparing for Coast Guard inspections and or changes to vessel employment.

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Damage Survey

Accidents or damage to your vessel. We provide damage assessment surveys and repair consultations. 

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Insurance Survey

We provide a Condition and Valuation survey for your vessel for new or renewal insurance.

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On Hire Off Hire

We survey vessels prior to charter for suitability and on off-hire for possible damages. 

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Pre Purchase Survey

Buying or Selling? We perform comprehensive pre-purchase, condition and vaulation surveys.  

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Trip in tow Survey

Trip in tow, condition tie down and suitablity.

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Arthur A Whiting, Captain USCG (Ret)

AMS #585, Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors